Bones Blog: Sandbox, Team & Developments

Sandbox Land

We purchased a plot of Sandbox land right next door to Bored Ape Yacht Club. Talk about prime real est-ape (sorry, not sorry).

Team Expansion

As our project has been growing, so has our team. In case you missed it, we’ve added some legends to the Bones Club family.

  • Rich: NFT Strategist
  • Jase: Visual Artist

Twitter Spaces

We have been busy hopping amongst Twitter Spaces, sharing knowledge, and making friends. Our Bones Club Sunday Sesh has been a great way for us to connect with you all every week too, and our next one will be lots of fun.

Nifty Slabs

We partnered with the legends at Nifty Slabs to give our club members both free and discounted physical signed copies of their Bones NFTs. Just have a look at how good these turned out.

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Bones Club


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