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3 min readOct 12, 2021

Welcome to our second Bones Blog covering announcements and highlights from the past week. If you missed our weekly Twitter Spaces, you’ll find a recap of the conversation here too.

If you’re not familiar with Bones Club, visit our website or join Discord to learn more about the NFT experience we are cultivating as an emerging brand.

So, what happened this week?

Community wallet

We’re now over 3,000 minted and counting, which means our updated community wallet structure has been activated.

5 Eth has been added and is ready for use.

We’ll be voting as a club on which NFTs to buy with the 5 Eth. Then each month, member’s will vote on whether we hodl, or sell and buy more NFTs.

We will announce the first club vote in the coming weeks in Discord.

Re-distribution of funds to member’s will become an option once we have established a legal way to do this within our company structure.

Club raids

Our club raids are off to a flying start. Led by Graveyard Caretaker Not a Doctor through our Discord, member’s are given the chance to win a free Bones Club NFT every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

All you need to do is post your Bones on the agreed social media posts within the set guidelines. Stay respectful, be authentic, and show off your favourite Bones.

Join our Discord, receive the ‘Gravedigger’ role, and participate for your chance to win three times a week.


This week, 5 random Bones Club holders will receive a free NFT airdropped straight into their wallet. Yes, free.

Keep an eye on your wallets, folks.

Metaverse & Halloween event

We’re almost ready to enter the metaverse. Don’t forget our Halloween event is coming up at the end of October, complete with DJ set and prizes. We’ll announce the special guest DJ this week too.

As a reminder:

  • If you mint 10 or more new Bones (not including secondary sales), hold them, and don’t list them, you’ll go in to the running to win 2 Eth.
  • If you hold 5 or more Bones (secondary sales included), and don’t list them, you’ll go in to the running to win 1 Eth. There will be 2 winners for this tier.

Plus we’ve now added the chance to win prizes simply for attending — including a free Nemesis companion.

Pictured: Sneak peak of our Nemesis metaverse lobby.

Twitter Spaces

We had a massive Bones Club Sunday Sesh on Twitter Spaces this week with our Honorary Members, M Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold, Professional Wakeboarder Steel Laferty, and NFT trendsetter NoKapRich.

Shadows shared his story on how he got started in NFTs, his journey so far, and where he’s heading next — including the upcoming Deathbats Club NFTs for Avenged Sevenfold. We loved the insights he shared on his experience and community more broadly, and his very well articulated vision for the future of the NFT space.

Did you know he introduced Steel to NFTs too, and even sent him his first one? Psst, Steel — don’t forget the suggestion to add an NFT to your wakeboard. We know a club that would love to be part of that. Ehem.

Every Sunday we take questions from club members and rotate our speakers, so be sure to catch our next one. It’s always a resoundingly positive and memorable experience.

If you still haven’t joined the club, pick up a Bones for 0.05 Eth at

— Rens

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