Bones Blog: Halloween, Metaverse & Massive Prizes

Bones Club partnership with The Nemesis

What a week it has been. We announced our partnership with The Nemesis, a metaverse developed by Undo Studios.

Pictured: A still from within The Nemesis

Halloween event and 4 Eth in prizes

We’re using our upcoming metaverse space to host a special Halloween event, complete with DJ set, prizes, and more. The time of the event and special guests will be announced soon.

  • If you mint 5 or more Bones (secondary sales included), hold them, and don’t list them, you’ll go in to the running to win 1 Eth. There will be 2 winners for this tier.

Companions coming soon

Our Artist Clutch has been busy working on companions for Bones holders. That’s all we’re allowed reveal at this time, but yes, that means more free NFTs for holders.

Skull Gang giveaway

We also teamed up with a bunch of our skull friends to host a massive giveaway to kick off the spooky season. The winner will walk away with 7 NFTs! Hit that RT and don’t forget to enter.

Community Wallet and Airdrop

Once we hit 3k minted (2,850 minted at time of writing) we’re airdropping 5 Bones Club NFTs to 5 random holders, as well as adding 5 Eth to our community wallet.

Bones Club Sunday Sesh Twitter Spaces

Most of the announcements we’ve covered were made at our weekly Bones Club Sunday Sesh Twitter Spaces. If you’re not familiar, we‘re hosting an interactive Spaces each week where we chat with different guests and give our club some early insights into things we’re developing.

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The Nemesis:
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Skull giveaway:
Weekly Spaces:
Honorary Members:

Bones Club Official Links:

OpenSea: (Heritage collection) (New collection on secondary market)



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